Fire Safety at Elim

You will be aware of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London.

We can confirm that we have undertaken all of our obligations in relation to fire safety and we consider our buildings to be safe.


We have a number of safety measures in place which may depending on individual property types include:

  • A smoke alarm on each storey of your property which is tested annually.

  • A carbon monoxide detector in any room with a solid fuel burning appliance.

  • Testing fire extinguishers where they are present.

  • Weekly checks that alarm is sounding/call points are functional at supported housing schemes with an integral fire system

  • Completion of fire risk assessments for properties with communal parts.

  • Installation of fire doors, fire exits or fire exit signs

  • Management of rubbish / waste to reduce fire hazards

  • Emergency lighting, smoke and heat detectors and alarm systems

  • Management of resident hazards such as pushchairs and bikes left in communal areas

  • Provision of equipment for use by trained staff in a fire such as extinguishers or fire blankets

We would encourage you to check your own alarm weekly and make sure communal areas are kept free from obstructions as these can be hazardous in an emergency situation.  There is more information about fire safety here or contact your local fire service on their non-emergency number for advise and information.

If you don't have a smoke detector, it is not working or has been damaged please contact our maintenance team on 01454 411172 option 3.

Read more about Fire safety in communal areas [pdf] 137KB

You can also call us if you do have any concerns about fire safety in your home on 01454 411172 or