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News Archive

Elim news archive


Welcome to the Elim News Archive. This page displays all past news articles in chronological order that have appeared on the Elim Housing Association home page. 

You can navigate to older articles by either scrolling down this page or by making use of the archive function on the right hand side. 



Elim news archive

Low cost computing in Bristol


If you are not connected we want to help you get your first computer. Bristol Computer Reuse is a citywide project who work with stocks of computers that are no longer required by the council and other local businesses. They refurbish the machines and make sure they are ready to be used by new owners. The scheme is supported by Bristol City Council and through it you can apply for a computer from as little as £50.

You can apply for a low-cost PC or laptop if you meet any one of the following criteria:

  • You are on a low income

  • You are over 65

  • You have a disability

  • You have a child that receives school meals

  • You have a child that needs access to a computer for educational purposes

  • You are in receipt of means tested benefits

  • You are a full-time carer

You will receive a computer or laptop ready to go (you will just need to plug it in!), a six-month hardware warranty and telephone support.

Interested? You simply need to fill in an on-line form  at  www.bristolcomputerreuse.org or fill in one of the Bristol Computer Reuse forms available from your Housing Officer. 

For more information you can contact Nathon or Andrew at Bristol Computer Reuse on 0117 3706 375 or look on www.bristolcomputerreuse.org

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Freshening up Ron Jones House


We have been working with the Community Payback Scheme at Ron Jones House, one of our supported housing project in Bristol.

The team of up to eight individuals, supervised by the Probation Service, have been helping us to improve the appearance of communal areas in the project which were looking a little tired.

They started work in mid-January and they will be visiting the project weekly for a couple of months to improve different areas of the building.

The work undertaken so far is already making a difference.  The team have freshened up the laundry with a new coat of paint and have started doing the same to the games room.  They have also powerwashed graffiti from a wall outside and the flagstones improving the appearance of the outside of the building too.  The plan is that they will move on to painting communal corridors and even our office space.

We do pay probation for the work but at just £50 a day it is excellent value and much less than we would pay a contractor for the same work.  We were also really grateful to be able to purchase the paint at cost price helping to keep the costs of the project as low as possible whilst making a big impact to the project.

As the payback scheme team finish working in each area of the building we plan to make further improvements.  For example we are planning to install smoking bins outside to help keep it clean and tidy, and will work to make things feel more homely for example by displaying some inspirational quotes.  This is part of our ongoing commitment to improving the environment our residents live in so that they take pride in where they live.

We are also hopeful that we will be able to work with the scheme at other projects in future and would be excited to hear from any other potential partners who may be able to help us in similar ways.


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More homes for sale in Gloucester

Kingsway Plots 40 & 41 outside front


Our 40 home development on Bromley Road and Hixon Walk includes a mix of homes for social rent, shared ownership and low cost home ownership. This is part of the Linden Homes Regents Place development on Goose Bay Drive. 

The first phase of properties were completed in December 16 and early January with a number of residents moving in just in time for Christmas.  Just 3 one bed flats remain available on a 40% share (£47,000).

We are now also accepting offers for homes in the second phase of the development which includes two houses for sale through shared ownership and three on low cost home ownership.  The first of these 2 bed homes will be completed in April 2017.

Shared ownership allows you to purchase a share in a property and rent the rest.  It is an affordable alternative to renting or buying on the open market and you only need to raise a deposit for the share you are buying. Our scheme at Kingsway will allow you to buy between 40% and 75% of a property. If your circumstances change in future you have the option to buy more shares in the property.

Low cost home ownership or discounted market sale is an opportunity for you to buy a home at less than the market value, at our scheme this is 75% of the market rate as determined by our RICS valuer.  You will only need to pay for your mortgage; there is no rent to pay and you will own the property outright.  When you sell the property, you will have to sell it for 75% of its value at the time.

Both Shared Ownership and Low cost home ownership are designed to help those who are not able to purchase a home outright to get on the property ladder.  There are no upper age limits for applicants for either scheme but you will need to demonstrate that you are unable to buy a home suitable to your needs on the open market, that you can afford to purchase a home this way and that you have a local connection to the area.  To be considered for a shared ownership home you must also be registered with Help to Buy South.

            1 bed shared ownership flats start at £47,000 for a 40% share - Find out more now!

            2 bed shared ownership houses start at £68,000 for a 40% share - Find out more now!

            2 bed low cost home ownership properties start at £127,500 - Find out more now!

We are pleased to advise that we have appointed Two Rivers Housing supported by their subsidiary Twocan Estate agents to manage the marketing and sales processes for us.  This will help to ensure that all buyers get the best service possible.      

This means any queries you have should be directed to them on 0800 2942860 or email info@twocan.estate   But don’t worry if you forget and contact us directly, we’ll make sure your query gets forwarded on if we can’t help.


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Window cleaning survey

We are asking residents who pay for a window cleaning service through their service charge to complete and return a short survey to help us understand what you think of the current service and what, if anything, you would like to be different.


This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that residents receive good quality services which are value for money.


The survey was sent out to relevant residents with their rent statement in January and should be returned, using the postage paid envelope enclosed, before 6th February.

We will review all of the information received to inform what we need to do next.  Based on the informal feedback we have received recently, we are expecting that this will be looking at alternative ways to provide this service and then presenting you with the options available for your comments which will inform the decision on how best to provide this service going forwards.

If you have any questions please contact your Housing Officer.



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New Resident Engagement Strategy

We have developed a new group strategy which sets our approach to resident engagement.  Aligned to our 2017-2022 Business Plan, the strategy is designed to allowfor meaningful engagement in a rapidly changing sector.   We are committing to a number of opportunities which will not only help residents understand the changes in social and private rented housing but also allow residents to influence service delivery and to develop skills, knowledge and confidence.

If you would like to know anymore about the strategy or the engagement opportunities we offer please Contact us

Resident Engagement Strategy 2017 [pdf] 350KB 



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Repair satisfaction prize draw winner announced!


All residents who returned a repair satisfaction survey for a repair completed in September, October or November were entered into a prize draw to win £100 and the lucky winner was Mrs Rees from Bristol.

Mrs Rees, who only moved into her property in November, said that she was “stunned and very happy” to have won the draw adding “It’s very helpful and I’ll buy something for my flat.”

We send surveys to each household when we receive notification from our contractors that a day to day repair has been completed.  The information collected helps us to make sure that our repairs service and the work our contractors do in our resident's homes is to the standard it should be.  It also gives us the opportunity to address any individual concerns about the work done.

Asset and Investment manager, Tina Bird, who is responsible for overseeing the maintenance service said “As this feedback is so valuable to us we are keen to encourage as many people as possible to continue to let us know what they think of the service they have received.  We will therefore be holding £50 prize draw every three months in 2017.”


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We're reviewing our website

We're reviewing our website


We are planning to update the Elim website in Spring - Summer 2017 to make sure that it meets the needs of all our residents and customers.  To help us make sure that it is the best that it can be, we would like to hear from you!

We're really keen to find out what you do or don't like about our current site and anything you would really like to see included in a new site.  Residents are invited to attend one of two consultation meetings being held over the next couple of weeks to talk to us about their ideas or to complete the survey form below.  

The first event takes place on Monday 28th November at Ron Jones House in Bristol between 2.00 and 3.00pm.

The second event will be part of our Resident Forum meeting and will take place on Thursday 8th December at Phoenix Place in Bristol.  The Forum meeting starts at 2.30pm and the website discussion is on the agenda to start at 3.00pm.

If you would like more information about either event, the survey or the review of the website please Contact us.


*Survey Form no longer available*


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Repairs satisfaction prize draw

Repairs satisfaction draw image


Residents who return a repair satisfaction survey for repairs completed between 1st September 2016 and 30th November will be entered into a prize draw to win £100.

We send out a survey to each household when we receive notification from our contractors that a day to day repair has been completed.  The information we gather helps us to make sure that our repairs service and the work we do in our resident’s homes is to the standard it should be.   It also gives us the opportunity to address any individual concerns about the work done.

The prize draw will take place on 15th December and the prize will be paid before Christmas by cheque, bank transfer, voucher or rent account credit (This will be compulsory if the winner owes us any money).

The survey can be completed in hard copy or online by visiting www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ZPZM6VK   

If you have any questions about our maintenance service please call the team on 01454 411172 option 3 or email info@elimhousing.co.uk




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Stay well this winter

Stay well this winter logo


The Stay Well This Winter campaign is a joint initiative from NHS England and Public Health England, to help people with long-term health conditions and those over 65 prepare for winter and ward off common winter illnesses.

Winter can be seriously bad for the health of these people, increasing the risk of blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. There are a number of things you can do to prepare against the cold weather:

  • At the first sign of a cough or cold, get immediate advice from your pharmacist before it gets more serious

  • Speak to your pharmacist about medicines you should have in stock over winter

  • Pick up prescription medications before the Christmas holidays start as many GPs and pharmacies will close over the holidays

  • It is important to keep warm in winter, so heat your home to at least 18°C (65°F), if you can, you might prefer your living room to be slightly warmer

  • Make sure you get your flu jab

  • If you need help over the holiday period when your GP surgery or pharmacy is closed, call NHS 111 or visit www.nhs.uk

The Stay Well This Winter campaign can help you and your family prepare for winter. Visit www.nhs.uk/staywell for more information.


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Gas Safety Week 2016


It's gas safety week!

Gas Safety Week - coordinated by Gas Safe Register - is now in its 6th year and is about raising awareness of gas safety across the country.

If you have a gas supply to your home we will carry out an annual service and safety check. This check is very important for several reasons, but the main one is to ensure your safety and that of your family.  Annual safety checks also help us to ensure that your boiler is running as it should. This helps to keep it running efficiently and to make sure you're not wasting money.

We can also identify any faults or worn out parts and replace them before they fail, helping to ensure that you always have heating and hot water so it is really important that you let us in to do this work.

For every safety check completed a certificate, often know as a CP12, is created.  We get a copy of this direct from our gas engineer and if you live in a property with your own boiler (not a shared one) you should also be left a copy of the certificate.

Our maintenance team will be able to help answer general queries you have about gas supply and safety in your property.  In an emergency, if you smell gas, you should contact the National Grid on 0800 111 999.

More information on Carbon monoxide

More information on Gas emergencies

More information on the Gas Safe Register




if you smell gas call 0800 111 999 for more information please see http://www2.nationalgrid.com/UK/Safety/Gas-emergency/

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