Prize draw winners!

2017 09 Rent accout prize draw winner  ALF

All residents who had a clear rent account in August were entered into our prize draw to win one of three prizes.  All three of our winners have now been notified and Housing Officer George Beasant has been out and about delivering the prizes this month. 

We were really pleased to see that a number of low level arrears were cleared and that the number of clear accounts increased by 13% over the month.  This meant 317 households were entered into the draw which also saw the total arrears owed dropped too.

Although, you wont be in with a chance to win, having a clear rent account has it's own benefits.  You may find that you struggle to find a new home if you have arrears on your account or that you will find the potential delays of Universal Credit have a bigger impact on your finances if you already have arrears.

You can quickly and easily pay off any balance in a range of ways including using your Allpay card in many high street stores or calling our Head Office on 01454 411172 to make a payment by debit card.  If you have a higher level of arrears you can usually make an agreement with us to clear these over time so speak to your Housing Officer today!