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Elim news archive


Welcome to the Elim News Archive. This page displays all past news articles in chronological order that have appeared on the Elim Housing Association home page. 

You can navigate to older articles by either scrolling down this page or by making use of the archive function on the right hand side. 



Elim news archive — articles for November 2014

Forecastle residents raise £115 for Children In Need


The residents and staff of The Forecastle organised a bake sale for Children in Need on 14th November. 

The idea for the sale came from a resident of the project who suggested it would be positive for the project to raise money for charity and raise its profile in the local community. 

Residents baked cakes in advance of the sale with The Forecastle’s regular volunteer, Judith and donations of cakes were also received.  Posters were made and distributed by residents; the local church advertised the sale and a small advert went in the Thornbury Gazette. 

The sale was attended by residents, Elim staff, neighbours to the project and residents of Alveston. The sale was a success, raising a total of £115.41 for Children in Need.  Residents are now awaiting a certificate of achievement from Children in Need to be displayed in the project!

cake table 

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#Housing Day


Housing Day is about sharing the social housing story with those outside of the sector.  This year the focus is on sharing the real stories of our residents to help dispel some of the myths that exist around social housing and its residents.

Below are some of the stories from our residents. We are inspired by our residents.  We hope you are too.

You can follow other stories or share yours using #housingday on social media.



June                  Richard                 Kate                    Chloe              Hannah       BYPA breakfast club



June* has overcome her isolation but helping others in her community - shopping, collecting prescriptions & cooking.

When June first moved in she didn’t know anyone and felt really isolated.  She has overcome this by spending her time helping out other residents.  She helps with shopping, collecting prescriptions, cooking meals when they are poorly and helping with our lunch club.

She has also recently helped planning the redecoration of the guest room and shopping for the things we needed.

Her neighbours say she is wonderful.  We think so too.



Richard* redecorated a guest room at a project in Gloucester to make it a nicer place for everyones visitors.

The guest room at this project hadn’t been decorated for 20 years.  Rick has taken on the decorating to make it a nicer and much more modern environment for everyone’s visitors.

Pictures of the guest room before and after redecoration



Kate* has shown great courage moving to specialist rehab to get out of sex work and address problems with drug use.

Kate came to us with multiple support needs.  She was a sex worker, had lost her children and was really struggling with drug dependency.  She was deeply troubled, unhappy and vulnerable.

We worked with her to keep her safe, provided support and helped her to engage with other agencies who could provide the specialist support she needed.

With support from another agency, Kate took the lifechanging decision to move out of our accommodation and into a specialist rehabilitation unit for sex workers.  Kate has shown great courage taking positive action to change her life for the better and break the cycle.



Chloe* did everything she could to get a new job after being made redundant.  It took 5 years but she didn’t give up & she’s now working again.

Chloe was made redundant.  She had no other income and had no choice but to claim working age benefits.  Chloe applied for many many vacancies but found she was often unsuccessful because of lack of experience for that particular role.

Determined to get back in to work, Chloe spent her time getting qualifications and volunteering with several organisations to learn new skills as well as helping out others in her community.

It took nearly 5 years but in the end Chloe’s persistence paid off.  After a successful probationary period she now has a permanent part time role which she really enjoys. 



Hannah* has battled to rebuild her life away from everything she knew, not knowing whether her children were still alive.

Hannah was married with 5 children, including a baby girl.  2 years ago her village was attacked.  Hannah’s husband and her baby girl were murdered, she was taken away from her home and brought to the UK against her will.

We met Hannah 11 months ago when she came to live with us.  She was understandably distraught from the trauma of her experiences and not knowing whether her other 4 children were alive. 

Despite all this Hannah found the strength to begin rebuilding her life. Her English is constantly improving and she is now learning to read and write for the first time.

She has remained amazingly strong throughout her journey so far and just yesterday was rewarded not only with the news that her children are alive, but she was also able to speak to them on the phone.

Everyone who has worked with Hannah has been astounded and inspired by her determination to rebuild her life and find her children.  We are all delighted by yesterdays news.


Great breakfast club in Bristol today

Residents in Bristol had 2 guest at their breakfast club earlier today.  PCSO Steve Fry talked about issues surrounding bullying, malicious communications and internet safety.

Tammy who works for Places for People as provides floating support as part of the BYPA contract, introduced herself to residents and explained a bit about the work she will do when they have moved into the community.  It was a great opportunity for residents to familiarise themselves with the services available after they move on.

It was a really positive meeting with lots of residents getting involved and asking questions.

PCSO Steve Fry & Tammy from PfP at breakfast club this morning




*We have changed the names of the residents whose stories we have included on this page.

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Share your stories for #HousingDay



Wednesday 12th November will mark the second annual #HousingDay event. #HousingDay was started as a way to raise awareness of the importance of social housing. Last year focused on the good work that Housing Associations and Social Landlords do. However this year the focus has turned to tenants, raising awareness of what it’s like to be a social housing tenant in the UK today.

There has been a negative view of social housing tenants in the media over recent years; examples include TV programmes like ‘Benefits Street’, ‘Skint’ and ‘How to Get a Council House’.

Social housing tenants and people who work in housing know that these TV programmes do not represent the 4.1m people that live in social housing, each with their own story and their own circumstances.

This is why this year’s #HousingDay will be focusing on real tenants. We want to get rid of these myths of social housing tenants and replace them with inspirational stories. These stories could be of tenants achieving success, championing a cause in the community or raising a family.

If you have a story that you would like to share, you can tweet your story to @ElimHousing using #HousingDay.

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