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News Archive

Elim news archive


Welcome to the Elim News Archive. This page displays all past news articles in chronological order that have appeared on the Elim Housing Association home page. 

You can navigate to older articles by either scrolling down this page or by making use of the archive function on the right hand side. 



Elim news archive — articles for November 2015

Making an impact

Elim's vision is for everyone to have a place to call home and the skills they need to build their lives.  We work towards this every day by providing homes for families and single people at different stages of their lives, and through the delivery of support services and advice to a wide range of people.

The report explains some of the work that we have undertaken between April and September 2015 and demonstrates the difference that Elim's work has made to those who use our services and the communities that we work in.

We plan to update the report every 6 months, and each report will be shared on our website.

If you have any feedback, queries or comments about the report please contact Rachel Pinchin, Business Development & Partnerships Manager - r.pinchin@elimhousing.co.uk


Elim Impact Report April-September 2015.pdf [pdf] 686KB

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The final edition of Homelife

We have recently made the decision to stop producing our Homelife and Support Services Newsletter and replace it with e-mail newsletters sent every 2 months,

This decision has been taken as part of an internal review of communications with residents considering the results of the 2015 resident satisfaction survey, value for money and best use of resources.

The benefits of this include:

  • More frequent communication with residents

  • Easy links to the Elim and other websites so you have access to more information more quickly

  • Helping more residents get used to using the internet and email which is becoming increasingly important with the changes to welfare benefits and other services.

  • Saving of over £3000 each year along with over 40 hours of staff time.

  • More environmentally friendly

All residents are encouraged to sign up to receive the new Elim E-News so that you receive the latest updates and information from us.  You can do this quickly here.

We will be sharing more information about the help we can offer in finding free local internet access or support to get online in the final edition of Homelife which will be published in late November 2015. 

If you have any queries or comments about this please contact Rosalyn Smith on 01454 411172 ext 225 or email r.smith@elimhousing.co.uk

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Community Impact Week

Community Impact Week is all about highlighting the tremendous difference that housing associations make to neighbourhoods, and to the people that call them home.

Last week we launched the  Elim Impact Report April-September 2015.pdf [pdf] 686KB  which explains some of the work that Elim has undertaken so far this year and demonstrates the difference that our work has made to those who use our services and the communities that we work in.

Each day this week we will share a few more stories which help to demonstrate the work that we do everyday.

If you would like more information about any of our work, or are a resident or service user who would like to share your story with us, please email info@elimhousing.co.uk


Betty's story            New homes in Gloucester              Ruby's story                   Graham's story



Betty's story

When Betty moved into Manor Gardens after suffering a stroke her mobility was limited so despite having a supportive family she needed additional help to live independently.  We were able to support Betty and her family to find a care provider who was able to visit several times a day.

When Betty started to struggle with her memory, we helped her family secure the medical assessment she needed.  This led to a diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease which was difficult for Betty’s family to come to terms with.

Cathy, our Housing Officer, is a qualified dementia link worker and so was well placed to help make sure that Betty’s diagnosis didn’t lead to her becoming socially isolated.

To start with we helped secure funding for her to attend a day centre 2 days a week.  Despite being nervous on her first visit Betty enjoyed this so we started to look at other activities for her.

These include a weekly tea dance where Betty enjoys listening to the music, a weekly visit from a volunteer which often includes a game or 2 of Connect4 and another volunteer who is helping create a memory book with Betty. 

Betty continues to join in with other activities at Manor Gardens such as the lunch club and coffee mornings and remains an active part of her community.



New homes in Gloucester

After redevelopment work earlier this year, Deakin House is now nearing the point that it will receive tenants!

The building was previously rented from us by another housing provider but at the end of their lease we decided that we would use it as an office base and to provide 5 single, self-contained, unfurnished flats.

The homes will be for people who no longer require the regular support of supported accommodation but are not yet ready for fully independent living. 

We will offer an intensive housing management service helping to make sure there tenancy gets started in the right way and helping them access any assistance required from other agencies if required.  We will encourage the new residents to develop their independent living skills with a view to moving on to a new home in the community in 6 to 12 months.


Ruby's story

Ruby was referred to our Skills for Life by the Support Alliance floating support team and attended a course between July and September this year.

Ruby was enthusiastic about the course. She got fully involved bringing her own experiences to each session and making notes to help develop her knowledge despite struggling with pain as a result of a recent accident.   Being able to understand and demonstrate this boosted Ruby’s confidence enormously.

This was an amazing step forward for Ruby who shared that she had always been told by her mum that she didn’t have the capability to undertake academic learning and so had always actively avoided it.   Ruby now feels able to consider other courses she previously thought were beyond her capabilities. 

Debbie Evans, Employment Advisor for The Support Alliance, joined the last session to talk about other opportunities for training and employment and following a referral, Ruby is working with Debbie to work out her next steps.

We have been really pleased to see the positive changes in Ruby and are excited for her future!


Graham's story

Graham’s health condition causes severe breathing difficulties and affects his day to day activities.  He moved into Ron Jones House when his health deteriorated as he felt it would be helpful to live in supported accommodation.

We worked with Graham to get him the priority he needed to be able to move to a flat in sheltered accommodation better suited to his needs.   Once he found his new home we helped him to settle into his new home.

As part of our usual follow up checks with those leaving our support services Graham told us “If it hadn't been for the support of the staff at Ron Jones House I wouldn't have been in a position to find myself in a very nice flat, I am grateful that the staff do a fantastic job.”


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