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Elim news archive


Welcome to the Elim News Archive. This page displays all past news articles in chronological order that have appeared on the Elim Housing Association home page. 

You can navigate to older articles by either scrolling down this page or by making use of the archive function on the right hand side. 



Elim news archive — articles for December 2014

Christmas celebrations

Residents at Manor Gardens had a great Christmas party last week.

Staff, residents and volunteers made the event a great success helping out in all aspects from organising, creating invites, shopping, baking, cooking and cleaning up afterwards.

The Christmas raffle, which residents provided the gifts for, raised an amazing £150 with some prizes kept back for the Easter raffle as there were so many. 

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Tremendous Trees

When Cathy, our Housing & Support Officer at Manor Gardens in Gloucester, went to get the Christmas tree out of the attic this year it finally fell apart after over 15 years of service.

One of the residents from Manor Gardens approached the Gloucester B&Q store who then kindly donated a tree to the scheme.

The new tree now has pride of place in the residents lounge.

Phoenix Place in Bristol have also been busy decorating a tree for display in St Mary Redcliffe church as part of Treefest 2014.

The purpose of Treefest is to raise money for local charities as well as celebrating diversity and excellence in the city.  You can find out more on the Treefest website.

The tree carried messages from staff and residents on the theme of hope, memories, wishes and dreams.

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Have your say on gardening and cleaning services


From now until March 2015 Elim will be reviewing its gardening and cleaning services. This only applies to properties that have indoor and/or outdoor communal areas such as hallways, stairwells, gardens and patio areas.

We will be:

  • Finding out whether tenants are satisfied with their current gardeners and cleaners
  • Making sure all our contractors are working to the same standard
  • Finding the best way to regularly check that the services are being carried out to the quality we expect
  • Getting the best value for money

We are asking tenants who have indoor and/or outdoor communal areas to complete our Gardening and Cleaning Services Surveys. The links to these surveys can be found at the bottom of this article. These surveys are designed to find out how satisfied you are with these services; what you want from your gardeners and cleaners, and what you think we can do to improve these services in the future.

If you live in a property with a communal area, your communal gardening and cleaning services are generally paid for as part of your service charge. Therefore it is very important we get your feedback by filling out these surveys. The decisions we make about your gardening and cleaning services will be based on the results of these surveys.

Please follow this link to the Cleaning Services Survey

Please follow this link to the Gardening Services Survey

We ask that tenants complete the surveys before Friday 7th November 2014 to be included in the results.

We look forward to your feedback!

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