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30 Free Pizzas to Ron Jones House

Franco Manca delivered 30 free pizzas to Ron Jones House last week as part of their scheme to help the homeless during extreme weather. On Yammer, Jeremy at Ron Jones said the pizzas were "delivered at 4:01pm and were gone by 4:23pm!".

Franco Manca made an announcement last week via Twitter stating, "Another Serious post - We are preparing for the coldest week in 5 years and our teams want to do their best to help those with less warmth and shelter than themselves. Pls tweet us if you know anyone who could do with some warming pizza on us during the week. Thanks for your help"

The restaurant chain made the announcement amid concerns for the safety of rough sleepers during last week's extreme weather. Franco Manca's operations manager, Sandro Spahiu, told press that, “We already support homeless people by giving them our spare pizzas, so this just made perfect sense.” 

Ron Jones House 30 Free Pizzas 30 Free Pizzas

The idea for the scheme came from a south coast Franco Manca branch and has since expanded to include all 42 of its sites across South England.

According to Huffington Post, the charity received donations from the public and other businesses, including Domino's Pizza. The bulk of the donations have been delivered to shelters, food banks and soup kitchens.

The chain are now thinking about how it might continue the scheme longer term.

Thank you Franco Manca!

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