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Climate Change 

You might be wondering what climate change has to do with you and us!  We like, other UK organisations, have been told to reduce our carbon footprint.  We want to make sure any solutions work for customers and don’t make life more complicated or expensive for you. 

Climate change is affecting all our lives, however, with your help we can make a difference.  We’re currently putting together a climate change strategy and it’s very important to us that you, and all Elim customers, have your say in the decision-making. 

The biggest impact we can have is improving your homes so they require less energy to keep warm. 

Did you know that across the UK gas accounts for 15% of all carbon emissions!

However, we understand that adapting homes can be disruptive and that alternative heating systems could be more expensive than gas. 

We don’t want to do anything to make life more difficult or harder for you, particularly for anyone already struggling to cope.

That’s why we’ll keep you informed and ask your views on any proposals that impact on your homes and communities.  We want to work with customers, colleagues and partners to get it right for you and future generations.

Some things we are legally obliged to do.  For example, all our social housing must have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) C rating by 2030 or even earlier.  All new build homes must use low carbon technologies with a ban on oil and gas by 2025. 

There are other things we want to do.  For every property we build we’re planning to plant a tree – in the garden if there is one, or as part of a community project.  We are looking to minimise the use of concrete in building and repairing your homes – their production accounts for 8% of the world’s climate emissions!

We’re also looking to reduce our impact – to reuse, repair, recycle and rethink what we do and why.   Watch this space for more news… to be continued!


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