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For some time we have struggled to get our residents’ views on how we deliver and develop our services. We used to have a Residents’ Forum, where a small group of residents would meet every 6-months to discuss our service, their homes and the other things that mattered to them, but we ended this forum when it became clear that it was not practical for residents from our wide operating area to attend.

We are keen to re-establish a forum for residents but we realise that as people’s lives get busier, we can’t necessarily expect them to be able to meet on a regular basis, especially if there is travel involved.

To try and overcome this challenge, we are introducing an E-forum, a forum that is hosted online. To kick this forum off, we are inviting residents who indicated that they would be interested in getting involved with Elim and how it is run to register as members. Initially, we would see the forum as contributing in a few key areas:

• Reviewing Policies and other organisational documents that may affect residents.
• Providing their views on issues where we feel that we need to better understand the views of our residents in order to make a decision.
• To give feedback on specific aspects of our services.

The message that we have heard from our residents is that they want us to listen more. This E-forum is the beginning of a process that we hope will eventually give residents a say in decisions made by Elim right up to Board level.

You can access the forum here: 

We have put an introductory post on the E-forum that we would like anyone interested to read. But here is some basic information about Privacy for starters, as we appreciate that this may be a concern for many:


• In order to use the E-forum you will need to read and acknowledge the Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement is for the provider hosting the website, it is not Elim’s (if you want to see ours you can find it HERE.) The website provider is based within the EU and operates within the GDPR.
• Please bear in mind that anything you write on the E-forum will be viewable by anyone who looks at the E-forum. This will include other residents and staff.
• You will be asked to provide a username. It is entirely up to you whether this is your real name or not. I will show up as ‘Dave, Head of Operations’. Any other members of staff will be clearly identifiable from their usernames.
• As administrators of the forum, we will have access to the email address that you provide to register. We will only use this personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement.
• Please could I ask that you use the email address that this email has been sent to when registering on the forum. This will help us to confirm that everybody posting is an Elim resident.


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