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Repairs and maintenance service during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Elim will endeavor to provide our normal repairs and maintenance service during the current Coronavirus (COVID 19.) outbreak.

We are working closely with our contractors and residents to ensure good communication and service delivery. 

As the situation continues, the repairs and maintenance service may have to become more limited and we will advise you of any significant changes. Our contractors will continue to wear appropriate personal protective clothing and follow good hygiene practices.

We plan to continue our annual gas safety checks to ensure you remain safe in your home. As part of our planning processes we now undertake gas servicing up to 2 months in advance of when the gas certificate expires. This is in line with current legislation and does not put you or your household at any risk. 

If either yourself or anyone in your household needs to self- isolate or has come into contact with someone whom you know has been positively diagnosed with the Coronavirus, it is important that you let us know, using the normal contact details. We will also ask you this question when you phone us to request a repair. 

If you would like any further information, please visit or

Repairs should still be reported in the same way by phone or online.

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