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Staff Spotlight – Compliance Manager Hayley

What does your role entail?

As Compliance Manager for Elim, the role is largely focused on Health & Safety compliance. Ensuring that all our properties are legally compliant, and all relevant checks are completed in a timely manner. When I first started working for Elim, my role was as a Maintenance Officer which meant that I was first point of contact for all residents with any repair enquiries. This included speaking to customers, relaying accurate information to our contractors and raising the purchase orders for them to complete these works.

What has been your career highlight whilst at Elim?

Although my recent promotion has been a highlight, I think the main thing that sticks out in my mind was when during my first staff conference, I was nominated by my colleagues for a staff achievement award. I was proud that in such a short amount of time (I had only been at Elim four months!) I had been able to make an impact. A gesture that made me feel incredibly valued and welcomed. I have then gone on to MC the Christmas parties in subsequent years for Elim and they have definitely become the highlight of the year with many happy memories.

Can you tell us about some challenges you face in your role and how you overcome them?

From early on I realised that Elim was not just a company, it was a family. Being able to offer support and training opportunities where required. Whilst working in the Maintenance department there were pressures of making sure everything was completed on time whilst having to rely on third party companies and contractors. Whilst I still feel this pressure in my new role, Elim have continued to offer me regular support, so that I am able to manage these pressures. I also used to be unconfident with using Excel, but I was quickly offered further training, enabling me to use it much more confidently going forward.

It’s also worth mentioning the impact of Covid-19. I have never felt unsupported at Elim and I think that’s really important. Over the last year Senior Management have ensured they are connected with staff whilst many of us are working from home. This has had a positive effect on staff's mental health during this time.

What do you get out of your role with Elim?

The main thing I get is a sense of pride, I am very proud of where I work. I have worked very hard to get where I am within Elim and feel not only proud of myself but thankful to Elim for enabling me to grow within the organisation, resulting in me being able to enhance my professional knowledge and skills.

I have had many jobs but I can finally say that I have a career, something that I have always aspired to. I have also made many friends in my colleagues which continues to be a supportive network in itself.

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