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Your Best Move Competition Winner: Jordan’s Story

We recently ran a customer competition where we asked Elim residents to tell us how your Elim Home has contributed to your life, or to make any suggestions for improvements to our service. Whether this included obtaining financial support, securing a long-term rental, purchasing your own home, help finding employment, training or education, we wanted to hear from you. 

We received some great responses and as such, chose 2 winners in the end, who both won £50 gift vouchers.

One of our winners Jordan, shares her family’s story below from struggling with huge deposits required to purchase a home, to home ownership finally becoming a reality. We were so pleased to hear Jordan’s experience and hope this shows that Your Best Move is achievable.


“I just wanted to express our appreciation to Elim for your part in making our dreams come true!

As a married couple with a young family one of our biggest aspirations was to own our own home. Renting privately is notoriously expensive and can be very volatile in this current climate. We had experienced near homelessness in the past where a tenancy was ended through no fault of our own. The constant worry that that could happen again with 2 young children to think of weighed heavy on our minds.

We had looked at buying many times, but we would always hit a roadblock when it came to the huge deposit required.

When we saw the house for sale on a Shared Ownership scheme, we jumped at the opportunity to put in an offer. When it was accepted and no more than 6 weeks later, we were handed the keys it was everything we had dreamed of and more.

Thank you for making home ownership a reality for our family. Knowing we have security and will be supported in potentially buying a larger share of the property in the future is an amazing feeling.

The ease of the process was wonderful, especially as first-time buyers, and any small issues that arose were dealt with efficiently with a “no problem” attitude.

Shout out to Gerald James who is always a pleasure to deal with.

Keep up the great work Elim!”


If you would like to discuss support or finding Your Best Move with us, please get in contact with our team either by phone 01454 411172 or by email to see how Elim can help you.

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