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Your Best Move? Tell us your story to win £50


We want an Elim Home to represent the ‘best move’ for all our customers. Whether you are a single person who has moved into our support services and then onwards into a more permanent home, or a family, who feels more secure and financially stable as a result of your tenancy with Elim, we want to hear your stories. We also want to understand how we can do more to help as many customers as possible to achieve their aspirations. This could involve signposting to employment or training opportunities, or to financial advisors if you are ready to make a new step on the housing ladder.

During 2019-20 we were able to move 15 households from our homelessness services into our affordable rented accommodation. This reflects Elim’s commitment to use our homes to fulfil the organisational vision: to meet housing need and to deliver homes that change people’s lives.

We are now putting it to you, to tell us what 'Your Best Move' means to you. Please email to tell us how your Elim Home has contributed to your life, or to make any suggestions for improvements to our service. Whether this includes obtaining financial support, securing a long term rental, purchasing your own home, help finding employment, training or education, we want to hear from you.  All feedback must be emailed to by Friday 4th September. Every email will be entered into a prize draw and one person will be chosen to win a £50 gift voucher.

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