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Plans for the Future

Delivering Change

Covering the period 2018 – 2023 our business plan, Delivering Change, sets out our Group vision for the five years ahead, and the process we will go through to continue our transformation into an efficient, modern and forward-looking business.

Elim Housing continues to thrive, develop and grow. Our business will become a fifth larger by 2023, genuinely delivering change through the provision of integrated support services and housing of all tenures. We will link our build programme to our customers’ aspirations, ensuring that we are developing homes that align with our customers’ plans for the future.

2018 - 2023:

The Elim Housing Group will grow to 1000 homes. We will complete an ambitious new development programme which will include properties for rent as well as shared ownership and outright sale.

We will become a leading provider of Gypsy and Traveller services in our core operating areas and for other Local Authorities where we can help to meet strategic need.

Our Support Services will grow in order to deliver more accommodation and support to address homelessness and meet the housing-related needs experienced by vulnerable people facing recovery, ill-health or social exclusion.

We will strengthen our position as a financially viable and sustainable business through robust management of our operating costs and internal systems and processes.


Download a copy of our Business Plan here.

Download a copy our annual accounts here.

Listen to Alistair Allender, Elim Housing Group Chief Executive, on how we overcome the challenges we face, our vision and innovative plans for the future.

"If people have stable housing, they are able to move on in their own lives...We can provide a range of different services which meet different peoples needs and give those individuals and families the stability they need"

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