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Being a Good Neighbour

Being a Good Neighbour

You can be a good neighbour by:

  • Keeping your garden tidy
  • Putting your rubbish out on the right day
  • Keeping the noise down
  • Not leaving items in communal areas
  • Not fly-tipping
"Being quiet and considerate to others, saying hello and asking how you are"

- Our resident Susan in Gloucester

What is Antisocial Behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour comes in many forms, it includes a wide range of unacceptable behaviour from everyday incidents such as noise nuisance to serious criminal acts. The types of behaviour that Elim considers anti-social include (but are not limited to):

  • Rowdy/nuisance behaviour;
  • Verbal abuse/harassment/intimidation/threatening behaviour;
  • Hate related incidents about the victims colour, race, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, faith or national origin;
  • Drug/substance misuse/drug dealing;
  • Alcohol related;
  • Physical violence;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Prostitution/sexual acts/kerb crawling;
  • Litter/rubbish/fly tipping
  • Pets and animal nuisance

What to do if your neighbour isn't a good neighbour:

We have high expectations of all of our residents and will deal quickly and firmly with any issues, but we don’t get involved in ‘tit for tat’ arguments.  We want you to get on with your neighbours and if needs be, make an effort to sort out any differences you may have with them – a calm and reasonable chat will often help sort things out – without the need to get others involved.

However, if you have tried this or you do not feel able to, please get in contact with your Housing Officer or a member of the Customer Service Team on 01454 411172.

Our service will give you honest advice about what we can and can't do to put a stop to such behaviour.

You should tell us immediately if you or your neighbour are suffering from any anti-social behaviour.

If the behaviour is noise related, you can send us recordings of the issue through the Noise App or by completing an Incident Log and sending it to your Housing Officer.

You can also report incidents by phone, in person by talking to your Housing Officer, or by filling in the websites contact form.

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