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Moving Out

If you decide that your property no longer meets your requirements, you have a number of options:

Find out how to move out below.

Find a new home through Internal Transfer or through your Local Authority's Choice Based Lettings scheme.Find out more here.

Find out about Right to Buy and Shared Ownership here.

Swap your home and tenancy with another tenant who also lives in social housing. Speak to your Housing Officer to see if you're eligible for Mutual Exchange. Find out more below.

Providing Notice

If you decide you want to move out of your home you need to give us four weeks’ notice in writing or complete our notice to quit form. The four-week period will always start from a Monday. 

We will let you know when the keys need to be returned to us and how much rent you need to pay to the end of your tenancy.

*Please note if the keys are not returned, you will remain liable for the rent until they are.

What do I need to do before I move out?

There are a number of things you need to do before you move:

  • Leave the property empty, clean and in good condition. For more information read our Moving out factsheet
  • Carry out any repairs or redecoration that needs doing. If you don’t carry out the work, we might charge you for the cost of getting it done, and if you’re transferring to another one of our homes, we could stop the move.
  • Return one set of keys to the front door to your housing officer by midday on the Monday after your tenancy ends. Please leave all remaining keys – including the gas card and electric key if you have them in the property.
  • Let us know your new address.
  • Continue to pay rent until your tenancy has ended. Make sure your rent account is clear and that any other debt you have with us is paid off. If you still owe rent payments when you leave, we may have to take legal action against you.


Mutual Exchange

Once we receive both Mutual Exchange applications, we will:

  • contact the other landlord to exchange information and references
  • we will complete an inspection of your home and give a copy of this report to your exchange partner
  • we may ask you to complete any outstanding repairs that are your responsibility
  • once approved, we will complete safety checks on the day of the exchange

* Please note that from the date we receive the forms we have 42 days to give conditional consent for an exchange. This does not necessarily mean that the exchange will have taken place by this time.

We do not approve exchanges where:

  • Either side owes arrears
  • Either party has the wrong tenancy type, i.e. an assured shorthold tenancy
  • The accommodation is larger or smaller than is needed by the incoming party
  • The accommodation is designed to be suitable for a physically disabled person and if the exchange took place no such person would be living there
  • Either party is subject to legal action in connection with the tenancy

*This list is not exhaustive

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