Partnership Working

Joint working is at the centre of Lime Property Ventures’ business model. As a small company, we recognise that we can deliver our priorities with a greater level of pace and efficiency using constructive and mutually beneficial partnership arrangements.

Formal Partnerships

Formal partnerships with house builders or other developers, as part of innovative joint venture arrangements that will allow us to pool our expertise, resources and funding to share risk, support project cash flow and increase the scale of our housing delivery.

Intra-group Joint Ventures

Intra-group joint ventures between Elim Housing Association and Lime Property Ventures, which enable the delivery of larger mixed tenure sites or utilise Lime Property Ventures’ ability to trade on behalf of the Group.

Collaborative Developments

Collaborative developments for acquisition on build completion, whereby land-purchase, project design, scale and cost is determined by a contractually agreed specification. We have sufficient flexibility to welcome approaches from Registered Providers and other commercial or social organisations with an interest in acquiring properties that are convertible across a range of tenures

Partnerships with Innovative Suppliers and Contractors

Partnerships with innovative suppliers and contractors to take advantage of new methods of construction and drive the efficiency of our construction programmes. We are motivated to increase the build efficiency of our developments, and to embrace new methods of on and off-site construction where it can create a financial advantage without compromising quality of delivery for our customers.


Relationships with key partners and organisations who help us to deliver our business, including planners, land finders, architects and local contractors and financial lenders.dio

Potential partnership models:

You, as our partner, supply the land. We fund the build, and we both share the development profit

Together we jointly fund the land-purchase and build, sharing the profits proportionately.

We take the risk of development, but build to your specific requirements with you as a guaranteed buyer.

We can work closely with the Elim Group to offer mixed tenure developments to meet your ethical or affordability requirements.

Bespoke partnerships; we are open to new ways of working that are mutually beneficial to all partners