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Black History Month 2023

October is Black History Month and a great opportunity to reflect on the significant history, achievements and contributions of Black people, to the communities we serve and beyond.

The UK theme for Black History Month 2023 is ‘Celebrating our Sisters/ Saluting our Sisters / Matriarchs of Movements (#WEMATTER)’, highlighting the crucial role that black women have played in shaping history, inspiring change, and building communities. Over the course of October we will be sharing a number of stories and case studies that will enable all of us to take the time to reflect, learn and take action where appropriate. 

One way we can honour Black History Month is by becoming a better ally and educating ourselves.

Being an ally to your Black friends, neighbours, and colleagues is important 365 days a year. If you are looking for ways to learn during Black History Month, below are some excellent places to start, including a few of the newest books, podcasts, lectures, and exhibits.

We’ve compiled a short list of resources for you to explore below:


Explore books that celebrate the rich history, culture, and contributions of Black people with this curated reading list.


Bristol Museum is playing host to various exhibitions during October including, who were the first Black people in Bristol? What are the city’s links to Somalia? The Museum will be showcasing voices that shine a light on this part of Bristol’s past

Created by the talented team at Black Ark Media, an organisation dedicated to educating people about Black history in Gloucestershire. This innovative map aims to deepen the understanding of both "British" and "Black British" history while promoting cultural appreciation, active lifestyles, and community engagement and designed to encourage individuals to explore the outdoors, adopt healthy habits, and forge connections with their community through active rail travel and active forms of travel such as walking and cycling.

Consider attending the Black History Lecture at the Senedd, Wales. Information will be shared via the website.


As part of the ‘Witness History’ series, BBC News are sharing a wide range of Black History Podcast’s throughout the month and beyond. Many celebrating Black women’s contribution to the arts, film sport and literature among others. 

Listen to a podcast on what anti-racism and allyship looks like from Ayeisha Thomas-Smith. Ayeisha explains what anti-racism involves and why being open to feedback is crucial to becoming an ally. 

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