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Our Performance

Our Performance

Over the year ahead we are planning to publish much more information so that you can review our progress against key areas, including customer satisfaction with different parts of our service. We will also show you how we have made improvements to our service as a result of customer feedback  and will share our progress against our current corporate plan targets that have a direct impact on our customers.

We are committed to getting the basics right, and will always prioritise the delivery of good quality, safe and customer-focused services. 



Elim's Customer Scrutiny Group

The aim of the Customer Scrutiny Group is to bring together a group of up to 12 residents from across Elim, and for this group to have a role in a number of different activities that will help develop the way Elim works and delivers services for all its customers. This is likely to involve:

  • Scrutiny of our performance information, including resident satisfaction results, health and safety data and our response to customer complaints.
  • The opportunity to monitor progress against important customer facing strategies and key parts of our business plan.
  • Reviews of new Policies or proposed changes to service delivery.

If you would like to find out more about the Customer Scrutiny Group, or to express your interest in joining please email

How are we Performing?

Click on the drop down boxes below to find out more about how Elim is performing against feedback, complaints and business plan progress.


You Said: We need to make improvements to our maintenance services. One of the biggest issues was around poor communication and a lack of organisation around the scheduling and attendance of repairs. 

We Did: We are already aware of these issues and are working with our new contractor to set out our expectations and a timeframe for improvement. If we do not see the improvement we require early in 2024 we will take further action. We are also looking at other options to improve our maintenance service, including the direct employment of a new maintenance operative in our Bristol area. 

You Said: Can we promote the Household Assistance Fund more widely to customers who may be struggling to deal with the cost of living crisis this year. 

We Did: We will share information on the Fund more widely going forward including via social media. We have also spoken to our Housing Team, and they have been asked to share information on this fund with any customers who may be struggling with their finances. 

You Said: Our Shared Ownership customers felt that communication with them in regards to their tenancy could be better and more consistent.

We Did: We have set up a series of meetings over the remainder of the year to share information and provide an opportunity for our customers to ask questions. These will be led by our Housing Manager and will be both in person and virtual, ensuring all our customers can take part. 

You Said: Customers at our Gypsy & Traveller site 'Carrwoods View' said they would like to improve the general appearance of their site, making it a more pleasant place to live.

We Did: We worked with our customers to make this happen. Carrying out extensive works to improve the site's functionality and appearance. 

You Said: Morgan Court customers raised that the communal car park was looking tired and not fit for purpose.

We Did: We inspected the area and agreed to resurface the car park improving the appearance of the area. 

You Said: Customers at Wade Court felt that the communal areas needed a refresh and would result in the area being used by more people.

We Did: We worked with the customers to choose a colour scheme and carried out the works earlier this year. 


This section will be updated at quarterly intervals over the year ahead. This is where we will share news of our progress against key targets, such as the delivery of the Elim Customer Portal or the launch of the new Resident Scrutiny Group. We will also tell you if our progress has fallen behind schedule and provide an explanation for the delay.  

Complaints from residents are one of the most important ways that we get to hear about aspects of our services or our homes that require improvements. Each year we review all formal complaints received. You can read the most recent review here. 

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