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Our New Standard – Managing Anti-social Behaviour

During the last 3 months we have been working on updating our policies and procedures for the management of Anti-social Behaviour. We know how difficult life can be if you are living with anti-social neighbours or experiencing problems in and around where you live. As part of our commitment to keeping you safe and secure in your home, we have drafted an Elim standard for the management of ASB that sets out what you can expect from us when you report nuisance. As a draft document we are keen for feedback and would welcome your comments on what we are proposing."

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Have Your Say- Cleaning & Gardening

Elim has begun the process of procuring new cleaning and gardening contractors to take over from Centigen in April 2021. We are keen to involve our residents in this process so that their views are heard and their experiences taken into account. We will be getting in touch with over 50 residents to speak to them not only about the service that they have been receiving but also to discuss the service that they would like to receive in the future. At this early stage in the process, we are developing the specifications for the cleaning and gardening services."

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Success at Temporary Gypsy & Traveller Sites

Elim is unusual as a Social Housing provider in that we manage 12 Gypsy and Traveller sites that consist of around 180 individual pitches between Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire and South Devon. In early July this year Elim were approached by two local authorities in the South West looking for support with setting up temporary Gypsy and Traveller sites to help those who found themselves needing to move off the road following Covid-19 travel restrictions. The two sites were agreed in conjunction with the Police and Council to ensure Elim could offer the right amount of support across the sites."

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Your Best Move Competition Winner: Jordan’s Story

We recently ran a customer competition where we asked Elim residents to tell us how your Elim Home has contributed to your life, or to make any suggestions for improvements to our service. Whether this included obtaining financial support, securing a long-term rental, purchasing your own home, help finding employment, training or education, we wanted to hear from you."

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Elim Announces New CEO

Elim Housing Group has today announced that the CEO, Alistair Allender, will be retiring. Paul Smith has been appointed to the position of Group Chief Executive with effect from 1 October 2020, with Alistair supporting the transition process."

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Your Best Move? Tell us your story to win £50

We want an Elim Home to represent the ‘best move’ for all our customers. Whether you are a single person who has moved into our support services and then onwards into a more permanent home, or a family, who feels more secure and financially stable as a result of your tenancy with Elim, we want to hear your stories."

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Stock Condition Survey's Underway

It is Elim’s intention to carry out a stock condition survey (SCS) of all our properties excluding those we manage for other organisations."

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All About Elim

Elim are committed to ensuring that the housing and support we provide serve as a platform for growth, so that our residents can achieve their aspirations. We are proud to deliver support services which focus on addressing homelessness through education and employment, enabling people to stabilise and progress from times of crisis."

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Elim Group Chief Executive Announces Departure

Our Group Chief Executive has announced that he will be stepping down from his role at Elim after almost 29 years. Alistair Allender, who has been in the role since 1992, will be stepping down in the Autumn 2020."

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Free Activity Pack- Beat the Boredom

Beat the boredom and stay active during lockdown with our free activity pack with chair based exercises, word search, recipes and colouring pages!"

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Novers Hill Site Progress

The site is progressing well since build began in June 2019, with build completion still anticipated for early Summer 2020. Building work on the unoccupied site has been able to continue during Covid-19, with only a skeleton crew working, to ensure safe practice in line with current Government guidelines."

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Where Can I Get Support?

During the nationwide Coronavirus epidemic, its easy for us to feel overwhelmed or in need for some extra support. We have created a list of useful contacts, that you may wish to reach out to during this time."

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Repairs and maintenance service during the Coronavirus outbreak

Elim will endeavor to provide our normal repairs and maintenance service during the Coronavirus (COVID 19.) outbreak. We are working closely with our contractors and residents to ensure good communication and service delivery."

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Coronavirus: Advice for residents and community

You will probably have heard about Covid-19. It is a new form of coronavirus that is making its way around the UK and the world. The Government are anticipating that large numbers of people across the country will get the coronavirus. Most people will only experience mild to moderate symptoms but for some people the symptoms may be more severe. People particularly at risk are the elderly and people with certain underlying health conditions. Whether we catch coronavirus or not, it is likely that it will affect all of our lives over the coming weeks and months. Elim are doing as much planning as possible to try and ensure the impact on our services is minimised as far as possible. Below are some answers to questions that we think our residents might be asking."

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Your Best Move

We believe that social housing should be a means to an end, rather than an end in itself, and we strive to understand our residents’ housing and career aspirations. Whether your aim is to achieve financial or employment security, find a secure rental or become a home owner, Elim can help you achieve Your Best Move."

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Time to Heal Service Set for Expansion

Following the success of our pilot Hospital Discharge Service, Time to Heal, We are pleased to announce that we have now received confirmation that two variations to the substantive contract have been approved......"

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Have You Considered Shared Ownership?

Have You Considered Shared Ownership?"

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Celebrating Bristol’s Housing; Past, Present and Future

On the 4th June, 15 Bristol Housing Associations and Bristol City Council came together under the Bristol Housing Partnership (BHP) to celebrate the Homes for Heroes 100 event and to launch the 2019 Charter."

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Start on site for Elim’s development at Novers Hill

Start on site for Elim’s development at Novers Hill to begin June 2019 with anticipated completion early Summer 2020."

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Elim take on the ownership of Priory Court

Elim Housing are happy to announce that as of the 29th March 2019 we are now the proud owners of Priory Court."

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