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Elim Launches New CARES Fund to Support Residents

Elim is launching a new initiative to support residents and their ambitions. The Elim CARES fund is inspired by our organisation's values and feedback from staff on what residents need to reach their aspirations. 

The main focus of the CARES fund will be on assisting customers to meet their educational or employment needs. For example, the fund might be used to make financial contributions towards:

• A haircut for an interview
• An interview suit
• Bus pass to go to college
• A desk and chair for a child (or adult) to do their studies
• Books and stationary for studies
• Contribute to childcare costs in the initial period before someone receives their first pay
packet from a new job

This list is not exhaustive, so please speak to your Housing Officer if you think you might benefit from the CARES fund.

The new budget allows front line staff across general needs housing, supported housing and our Gypsy and Traveller sites to spend money on supporting residents to move forward. It captures all areas of our CARES values; customers first, aspirational and accountable, results, everyone’s views matter and supportive. 

You can read more about our vision and values here

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