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Vision and Values

Our vision is to meet housing need and deliver homes that change people’s lives.


Elim’s customers include families and single people living in our properties for rent, young people undertaking apprenticeships or training, clients within our support services and people buying houses that we have developed, among others. We have the same aim for all these relationships: to ensure that the housing and services Elim provide serve as a platform for growth, facilitating all our customers to achieve their aspirations. In this way, we make our homes truly life changing by ensuring that our service has a positive impact long after a person has left Elim accommodation.

Elim CARES Values were created in partnership with our customers, staff, Board and other stakeholders, and they represent our commitment to how we deliver our services and work together successfully:



Customers First
Customers are at the heart of our services and decision making.
Aspirational & Accountable
We are ambitious for our customers, staff and stakeholders. We work with integrity, learn from mistakes and do what we say we will.
We work hard and deliver great results for our customers and for Elim.
Everyone's View Matters
We listen to understand, improve and build our services.
We tackle challenges head on and inspire each other to achieve our potential.

Effective partnerships will underpin our growth.

Effective partnerships will underpin our growth, which will be achieved through innovative joint ventures, new service commissions and collaborations which enable our customers to achieve social and financial independence

Find out more about our partnership working here.

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