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Culture & Values

Culture & Values

We are proud to be a forward-thinking, performance-driven organisation that recognises our highly-skilled and dedicated colleagues are our greatest asset in achieving our vision: to meet housing need and deliver homes that change people’s lives.

Our Elim CARES Values were created in partnership with our customers, colleagues, Board and other stakeholders, and they represent our commitment to how we deliver our services and work together successfully:


We are continuously developing our inclusive, values driven culture that welcomes and embraces the diversity of our colleagues and customers. We understand the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace in improving performance, attracting and retaining happy and motivated colleagues and representing our diverse customer base. Elim’s Equality and Diversity Strategy details our aims in the following areas:

  • An inclusive culture for all.
  • Data driven insight and improvement.
  • Action to build a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We have an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion working group made up of colleagues and board members that aims to support the delivery of this strategy.

There is also an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.


We recognise the changing nature of work and the workplace. At Elim we value and trust our colleagues to deliver their roles to a high standard and would like to provide more flexibility for them to do so. We want to support you to balance your work, home life and caring responsibilities; by enabling you to deliver your role in the most effective way and where possible at the location and during hours to suit you and your working style.

Our Working Flexibly at Elim policy sets out our approach to flexible working.


We understand the importance of good physical and mental health. We provide access to a Health Cash Plan, free counselling sessions through our Employee Assistance Programme and wellbeing information and support.

We have a number of Mental Health First Aiders who provide confidential support and regular Mindfulness sessions.
We want you to feel fulfilled, to be able to deliver your roles well and to balance your work and personal life with your personal development aspirations. Elim’s Wellbeing Policy sets out our commitment to promoting a progressive, engaging and healthy working environment. The policy aims to do this by:

• Detailing the support available and how to access these resources.
• Training managers to support you and your mental and physical wellbeing.
• Promoting health and wellbeing initiatives.
• Raising awareness and facilitating open and honest discussions about health and wellbeing issues.


The Elim Skills Academy is how we deliver all our learning, development and training activities for colleagues at Elim. We want to support you in your development and career aspirations. Essential training is listed per role with training delivered through both e-learning and face to face courses. Funding is available and can be applied for further training related to your role and your own personal development.

Our approach to learning and development is here and details of Elim’s Skills Academy can be found here.

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