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Hospital Discharge Services

Time to Heal is a service funded by Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group for inpatients of Gloucester Royal Hospital who are homeless, at risk of homeless, or in insecure accommodation.

It is proven that those in housing-need suffer more health issues compared to the general population. Homeless people are 15 times more likely to present as an inpatient (BMJ online, Dec 2017). In most of these cases, they are discharged onto the streets or into unsafe or insecure accommodation. Our Time to Heal service works towards improving the health of Gloucester's homeless population by contacting patients pre-discharge and by seeking accommodation solutions on discharge.

The service accepts referrals for any in-patient in housing need in the Gloucester Royal Hospital by clinical and nursing staff. For more information, contact the Time to Heal Team on 07525 918378.

Jane was ready to be discharged from hospital following an overdose but had nowhere to go.

She was referred to our Time to Heal project who worked with her to manage challenging behaviours so that she could access temporary accommodation.

We then worked closely with her providing additional support and making sure she was accepted to the waiting list for the specialist supported accommodation she needed.

As well as helping Jane with her next steps, our involvement has reduced the number of visits Jane made to the hospital, which has resulted in savings of time and resources for Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

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