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Mental Health First Aiders

Mental health problems at work are common. At least one in six workers is experiencing common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression.

It's still not a subject widely spoken about in most workplaces but Elim are challenging this to help spread awareness of mental health illnesses.  Many people feel scared and confused about confronting the issue at work, but we are hoping that by raising the topic and talking openly, we can make our workplace mentally healthier.

Elim introduced the Mental Health First Aiders in 2019. A team of volunteers who are on hand to provide confidential advice and signposting to our colleagues. Trained through MHFA England they understand the variety of mental health illnesses, how to recognise changes in behaviour and what to keep an eye on whilst taking positive steps to remove stigma surrounding mental health. The first aiders also provide regular drop in sessions and guided mindfulness sessions to help reduce workplace stress and improve employee wellness.

We understand that mental health is as important as physical health so we will continue to encourage conversations that educate, enabling our colleagues to challenge stigma and the confidence to support colleagues. 

If you would like to find out more about training as a MHFA Champion please visit for further information. 


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