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Conflict in Ukraine: information for customers who want to offer help

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is having a devastating impact on millions of people, and our thoughts are with all who are suffering. We know that many of Elim’s colleagues and customers are looking for ways to offer help.

Homes for Ukraine.

Some people are hoping to help by becoming a Homes for Ukraine host.

The Homes for Ukraine scheme was created by the British government to help people fleeing Ukraine to come to the UK. They’ve opened registration for people to become sponsors and provide accommodation for as long as they can, with a minimum expectation of 6 months.

There is a lot of information via the Government website link above, and we would ask you to read this carefully to understand whether the Homes for Ukraine scheme is suitable for you. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) will form part of your application, to help safeguard individuals and families coming from Ukraine as part of the scheme. Local authorities will decide what level of DBS check a household is eligible for and includes a check of your criminal record which will show details of all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings held on central police records.

If you are an Elim Customer with a spare room, and you are interested in hosting a refugee as part of this scheme, we will try and make this possible for you. However, you will need to contact us in advance, so that we can run through a few checks. To do this, please contact your Housing Officer or email us at
We will make sure that the following points have been considered:

• Some of our tenancies and leases may say you’re not allowed to take in a lodger. When you contact us, we will check whether this applies to your home. In some cases, we can go through a process to seek specific permission for you to participate in the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

• We will need to check that there is room in your home for your family and any additional people you would like to host. There is a legal restriction on how many people can live in Elim’s properties, and we will need to make sure that ‘overcrowding’ doesn’t take place and that your home is a comfortable space for everyone. The local council may wish to do this if you are successfully matched.

• We will check whether you have considered the financial impact of becoming a Homes for Ukraine host. The Government has said households opening their homes to refugees under the Homes for Ukraine scheme will receive a £350 per month ‘thank you’ payment, but you will need to check this will cover any increased costs you might incur, such as increased energy bills, furniture or bedding costs. The government has also confirmed that the £350 monthly payment you’d receive for taking someone in will not affect any of your welfare benefits.

• We will also ask that you have made contact with your insurance provider. Many providers are extending their policies to cover this scheme, but you will need to check with your provider see if your policy is affected.


Where can I find more information?

For the most up to date information, keep an eye on the Homes for Ukraine webpage, and FAQs.

What else can be done to help?

Elim is currently in contact with Local Authorities and partner organisations in the areas where we work to find out how we can best contribute to any local efforts to provide or support emergency housing.
This includes offering services to support the private sector to make homes available for refugees, using Elim properties if they available at the right time, and supporting our customers and colleagues who are keen to help.

Can we provide financial support?

Many people will have already kindly made donations to support those who have been caught up in the conflict. As an organisation, Elim Housing Association are supporting the DEC’s Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal – they work with many charities, including the British Red Cross, to provide food, water, shelter and healthcare to refugees and displaced families.


Thank you for your care and consideration.

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