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Safer Streets For Residents

An Elim Housing tenant in Bristol has signed up to a project to improve the security of her ground floor flat.  The Safer Streets scheme is free and is being rolled out in and around the St Pauls neighbourhood.  An engineer will visit to advise and install any additional security measures, such as new locks in the home and suggestions on how to keep vehicles and bikes safe. 

Jane (and that’s not her real name) said:  “In the past I’ve had issues with people coming into my garden leaving behind needles and other rubbish.  Twice, a neighbour has seen a man looking over and this obviously made me feel very unsettled and a bit unsafe.  When I heard about the Safer Streets scheme, I certainly didn’t want to miss out.” 

Safer Streets is funded by the Home Office and carried out by local authorities and the police. 

In Bristol it’s being delivered by 247-Locks.  Client Manager, Nick Bearne, said: “Safer Streets schemes target areas with higher-than-average crime statistics.  Obviously, it’s a great opportunity for residents to have their security improved at no cost to themselves.  Everyone within the catchment area of the scheme has received a letter with details on how to get in contact with us.’’ 

Sara Bennett, Head of Housing Services at Elim Housing, added: “We think this is a great scheme and would encourage anyone who has been contacted to take up the opportunity.” 

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