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Staff Spotlight: Team Leader Leoda

What does your role involve?

No two days being the same as anything can happen at any time, which I enjoy as you cannot get bored. Supporting staff with development/training/induction. Liaising using high levels of communication with external partners, building and maintaining strong relationships with external partners and internal staff within Elim. Writing reports for commissioners, managing health and safety, quality assurance for our supporting housing schemes within South Gloucester.

What inspired you to become a Team Leader at Elim?

I wasn’t inspired at first, but my area manager Sarah Kidger encouraged me to go for the role as she thought I had the right skills to go from a Supported Housing Officer to Team Leader. So I thought about it and thought sure, I can do it. I think I am a natural leader, so why not?

What are the top three personal qualities your role requires?

For a Team Leader I feel the top 3 personal qualities the role requires are:

Good interpersonal skills – You need to be able to interact with people on all levels and be approachable

Resilience – You need to be able to adapt quickly, as within supported housing things can change very quickly. You need to be open to this and ready at all times

Motivation – You need to have a strong drive not only for yourself but for the team and for the residents to enable motivation within the culture

What has been a highlight of your career with Elim so far?

Looking back at my journey, I started as a volunteer at Priory Court setting up baby groups, then took a relief position. From there I gained a temporary maternity supporting housing officer role at The Forecastle, which became permanent, and finally I successfully became the Team Leader of The Forecastle. I am now Team Leader for 7 of Elim’s supported housing schemes within South Gloucestershire.

Can you tell us about some challenges you face in your role and how you overcome them?

Empathising whilst needing to have strong firm boundaries. If I stick to saying what I will do, follow through with my actions and give an explanation/rationale behind it, it's possible to overcome any barriers.

Sometimes working with residents who have substances misuse and/or are suffering with mental health can be a challenge. Signposting to external partners, open clear communication and putting interventions in place to support those who struggle supports you to overcome these barriers. However, also knowing you cannot save everyone and ensuring you have a good work-life balance will also help you overcome these barriers.

What do you get out of your role with Elim?

Job satisfaction, supporting staff with developing their skills and career and giving residents the opportunity to start improving their quality of life. I love meeting new people and building new relationships with people on all levels.

Any advice for someone looking to get into a career in housing?

Maybe start volunteering – this can be half a day or one day a week to gain experience within housing. Applying for a relief position can also help. Once you have your foot in the door, then the other doors start opening. Do not doubt yourself and just go for it! 

If you'd like to consider a career in housing, head to our current vacancies page here.

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