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Supporting Aspirations: Brenton's Story

When our residents achieve their long term goals, it is truly a moment of joy. All their hard work has paid off and they are able to move forward that bit further in their journey.

Elim first met Brenton when he was experiencing difficulties with finding secure accommodation and employment. We were able to assist him around employment by supporting his application to the Salvation Army Employment Plus Course. A locally run course designed to give participants the skills and tools they need to search for, obtain and stay in work. As a result of this support and Brenton’s determination, we are pleased to say that he has now secured employment in a customer support centre role, and has even expressed an interest in working with Elim in the future! Here’s what Brenton had to say:

“At the point of moving into an Elim Housing property I had already been through quite a lot and being unemployed was one of the things in which I struggled with. Elim where able to put me in contact with Hollie, an Employment Support Officer from Salvation Army Employment Plus UK to further support me. My Elim Housing Officer Rosie, also reassured me along the way and gave me a foot up whenever I was feeling down.

Hollie was able to help me with writing my CV and gave great advice on interview procedures, making me feel comfortable at every stage. This service is a necessity, and something in which I am grateful for as I've had a lot of knock backs over the past few months when applying for positions which had made me doubtful about my chances of finding employment, but when in doubt, Rosie from Elim would be there to get me back on my feet and for that I am grateful.”

Elim are committed to ensuring that the housing and services we provide continually serve as a platform for growth, so that our residents can achieve their aspirations. We are proud to deliver support services which focus on education and employment, enabling people to stabilise and progress from times of crisis. 

To find out more about the services we offer please visit alternatively you can speak to a member of staff on 01454 411172.

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