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Mural Unveiled at Hathaway House











Elim champions the commissioning of public art on its support schemes, often relating the design to the local area and history. Student Accommodation Hathaway House, Kingsdown is no exception, with our newest vibrant ‘Welcome’ mural in the many languages spoken throughout the City of Bristol.

Local artist ‘Tozer’ was commissioned to paint the side of the building, using bright local scenes to transform the look and feel of the building using traditional materials, skills and processes all completed by hand.

Alice Gidlow, Elim Communications Officer, said: “It has been great to be part of this project. We have lots of residents here, so we know how important it is to improve the look of the building and support long-term projects such as this which will make such a difference to improving the community. More than just an attractive addition to the building, the artwork was consciously created to combat tagging – graffiti signatures – which made the area feel run-down."

We recognise the importance of supporting projects like this and realise the long-lasting benefits when projects like this are completed. Public art can lift people’s spirits, enhance our environment, and give people reason to protect and preserve it.

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