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Moving In

Wait until you move in before moving furniture
Start packing- Make sure you start packing in advance.
Change your address- Now you’re set up at your new home, make sure you let everyone you pay a bill to know that you have a new address.
Redirect your post
Sign up for Contents Insurance- We don’t insure your contents for you, so it’s important that you get cover. We provide affordable contents insurance cover through ‘This is my home’. You can find out more about the scheme and how to sign up here.
Contact your energy suppliers- Take gas and electricity meter readings in your new property and give these to the existing gas and electricity supplier of the property.
Say hello to your new neighbours- Introduce yourself to your neighbours and become part of a community.

Moving Out

Providing Notice- If you decide you want to move out of your home you need to give us four weeks’ notice in writing or complete our notice to quit form. The four-week period will always start from a Monday. *Please note if the keys are not returned, you will remain liable for the rent until they are.

Leave the property empty, clean and in good condition. Carry out any repairs or redecoration that needs doing.

Let us know your new address.

Anti- Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour comes in many forms, it includes a wide range of unacceptable behaviour from everyday incidents such as noise nuisance to serious criminal acts.

What to do if your neighbour isn't a good neighbour:

We have high expectations of all of our residents and will deal quickly and firmly with any issues, but we don’t get involved in ‘tit for tat’ arguments. We want you to get on with your neighbours and if needs be, make an effort to sort out any differences you may have with them – a calm and reasonable chat will often help sort things out – without the need to get others involved.

You can read our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy here.

However, if you have tried this or you do not feel able to, please get in contact with your Housing Officer or a member of the Customer Service Team on 01454 411172.


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