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Services for Men and Women

Taylor House

Located in Matson, Gloucester, Taylor House provides accommodation based support for single people and couples with complex, multiple and high level support needs, aged 18+. 34 residents are housed in a mixture of self-contained accommodation and rooms with shared facilities. Unfortunately our accommodation at Taylor House is not wheelchair accessible.

As a resident at Taylor House, you will work alongside your support worker to co-produce your support plan, enabling you to progress towards more independent living in the future. We encourage and support all residents in preparing for volunteering, training, education or employment, as well as community involvement. Most Taylor House residents stay for 6 months; however, we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and the length of stay may be shorter or longer.

To find out more, call the Taylor House Team on 01454 532560. Referrals to Taylor House come through the Gloucester START Meeting. Gloucester City Council’s Housing Options Service can be contacted on 01452 396396.

The Forecastle

The Forecastle is residential service in Alveston, South Gloucestershire for people in the area aged 18+. It provides housing related support to 18 residents living in newly built self-contained accommodation, with one fully-accessible unit. You will be allocated a Support Worker and develop a support plan. The anticipated length of stay is around 9 months, although depending on your situation, may be longer or shorter.
To find out more, call the Forecastle Team on 01454 417235.

Referrals to the Forecastle come directly through South Gloucestershire County Council. If you’re interested in accessing this service, you can contact their Housing Solutions Team on 01454 532552.

Blakeney Mills

Situated in Yate, South Gloucestershire, Blakeney Mills accomodates single people aged between 18 to 65. It offers 5 private bedrooms with communal kitchen, lounge, bathrooms and garden.

Blakeney Mills is part of the Rough Sleepers Initiative (RSI) project run in conjunction with South Gloucestershire Council and referrals are made via South Gloucestershire Council. The anticipated length of stay is around 6 months and residents are assigned a Support Worker who will help them achieve their goals and prepare to move on to independent accommodation.

To find out more, please call the team on 07585 026547.

Deakin House & Stroud Road

These properties provide accommodation to single people aged 18 – 65.
Deakin House offers 5 self-contained flats with a communal laundry and Stroud Road provides 8 ensuite rooms with a communal lounge, kitchen, and laundry room.

The staff here provide intensive housing management services such as monitoring rent payments. You will be allocated a Housing Officer as a point of contact who will support you throughout your stay. They will provide housing related support which will include liaising with other agencies to develop your own plan to move-on and will also ensure you pay your rent on-time and adhere to the conditions of your tenancy or license agreement. Residents may stay for up to 12 months.

To find out more, call the Team on 01454 532547.

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