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Future Maintenance Plans

The Stock Condition Survey

As most customers will be aware, we carried out a stock condition survey (SCS) of most of our properties between September 2020 and February 2021.

The SCS allows us to assess the condition of our properties and the age of components like kitchens, bathrooms, heating, external and communal area decorations and to enable the ongoing management of our properties. The SCS gives Elim the information and costs of maintaining each of our properties over a 30-year period so that the required planned works can be identified, and budgets allocated to enable these works to be undertaken and maintain our properties to a good standard; the Elim Standard.

Feedback From Residents

As part of the Stock Condition Survey, we asked residents what was most important to them in their homes. The results, in order of importance, are as follows:

• Quality of bathroom
• Quality of kitchen
• Cost of heating & utility bills
• Quality of communal areas

We asked these questions so that we could prioritise these areas when repairing our properties and replacing components. For example, this would mean fitting a higher-quality bathroom with an over- bath shower, ensuring that the room is well-heated, ventilated, light and comfortable to use. LED lighting will be fitted as standard. We will also give residents a choice of a kitchen from a selected range together with flooring, tiling and decoration choices.

What Next?

The collected data is now being analysed, including checking for any omissions or errors. The overall aim is to produce a 30-year plan including allocated budgets. We will then create a detailed planned works programme for the following financial year, and an outline programme for the following four years. This will include replacement of components and improvements to bring our properties up to the Elim Standard.

To achieve this, the following tasks need to be completed:

Identification of decent homes failures and immediate follow-up action

3% of properties we surveyed required immediate action to address minor but important health and safety issues. These actions have been identified, ordered, and will be completed before the end of June 2021.

Addition of Energy performance certificates (EPC) data 

The Elim Standard sets the benchmark of our energy performance of our properties at C or above. We have EPC data for most of our stock but there are some certificates missing, and we have started to obtain this data already. The EPC data will be used to identify properties that meet or exceed a C and ones which require further improvement of their energy performance.

Amending SCS data estimated age with actual ages of major components.

The SCS contains estimated installation dates of major components. Where possible these dates are to be replaced with actual dates using the information stored in Elim’s housing management system. The anticipated completion date is the end of June 2021.

Undertake the stock evaluation assessment. 

On completion of the above tasks a stock evaluation process will be undertaken using the information from the SCS and EPC certificates, to categorise our properties into 3 categories:

  • Good: properties that require little or no work to bring them up to the Elim Standard
  • Average: properties that require a moderate amount of work to bring the up to the Elim Standard
  • Poor: properties which require a large amount of investment to bring them up to the Elim Standard. The anticipated completion date is the end of September 2021.

Updates to Communal Areas

The SCS identified several of our properties that would benefit from updating and improvements to their communal areas. We have started to address this with the help of Dulux Colour Designers to create new colour schemes to brighten these areas up. Dulux provided 13 different designs, and we asked residents to vote on their favourite colour scheme.

As well as painting these areas, which are now complete, we also replaced flooring and fitted LED lighting. These lights are fitted with daylight and movement sensors, which will reduce the cost of electricity in these areas by up to 60%.

The following properties are in the current redecoration programme and more will follow as we set up the planned works programmes:

  • Bouverie Court Bristol
  • Comb Factory Bristol
  • Robin Court Bristol
  • Ingram House Pontypridd

Other Factors Affecting Investment in Properties

Changes to Building Regulations and Part L & F the Future Homes Standard will also have an impact on budgets estimated at £20K per property, this is to decarbonise our properties by the fitting of low carbon heating systems and upgrading insulation. The forthcoming Building safety Bill which is a result of the Grenfell enquiry goes live in 2023 and will also have budget implications. The SCS will be remodelled once funding for carrying out these measures are known.

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